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Expand Your Mind With Quotes of Successful People

As you move up in your career, you’ll find it helpful to expand your mind and your thinking by learning from others. A great way to do that is to find quotes that speak to you.

Quotes can help inspire you: “Nothing can keep you from reaching your goals. Do it!” –Fortune cookie

Quotes can help motivate you: “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”–Milton Berle

Quotes can give you a different viewpoint on something. Wayne Dyer—a speaker, author, and leader—gave me one quote that literally changed my life.

This quote changed my life

My husband comes from a large family, and I get along great with most of them. The only one I struggled to tolerate was a prominent member I’ll call Millie. The simplest explanation is that we had very different values in life.

Most of this large family lived far away, so visiting always required a lot of time and money for our family of 4, and we only made the trip every few years. Each time, I would fuss for weeks then seethe the whole way to our destination knowing that I would have to deal with her.

Then I came across this wisdom from Wayne Dyer: When you change the way you think about things, the things you think about change.

It’s a little complicated and takes some thinking, so read it a couple times.

When you change the way you think about things (the trip and time with Millie), the things you think about change. I realized it was up to me to change my thinking. I certainly couldn’t expect Millie to change. I had to change how I thought about the trip.

The outcome

I changed my thinking to this. We are fortunate to be able to travel to a beautiful destination to spend time with the family and for our kids to get to know their relatives. We could enjoy the culture, the countryside, and amazing food. Our kids would be better grounded by having the experience, and they would feel a part of this wonderful family.

Millie was no longer a part of my thinking.

It worked. When she started pulling her usual tricks, I ignored her. When it got to be too much, I took a walk to get away and get centered again.

Resources for finding your quote

What are you struggling with? Do you need inspiration, motivation, or a different perspective? My guess is that you’ll find a quote or two that can help you deal with that problem.

The first place I start is the Bible. If you’re not a religious type, just read Proverbs. You’ll find something there, I promise.

And once you find it, post it on your bathroom mirror where you’ll see it everyday. It makes a difference.

You can also subscribe to one of the many sites that will send you a quote each day.


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