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May the Force Be With You on Star Wars Day

This is the day I usually post a new blog. But when I saw that it’s National Star Wars Day, I realized I must bow to the greater forces that are Star Wars fans. Here, with love, are some recent stories on your faves.

Disney won’t alter films

Bad news, Star Wars fans. Those of you who have been holding out hope that Disney may want to further capitalize on a galaxy far, far away by restoring the theatrical cuts of the original Star Wars trilogy are about to be sorely disappointed. Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy has officially confirmed that they have no plans on messing with the cuts and intend to leave the movies the way that George Lucas did when he revisited them in the 90s.

We’re going to Star Wars Land!

ORLANDO — The Disney Parks mega-project known as Star Wars Land is well underway both here and in Anaheim, California. And the Mouse House is ready to let us in on a few of its secrets.Set to open in 2019, it’s a place where your actions will have consequences. For example, you’ll be able to go on a “ride” where you pilot the Millennium Falcon — but if you do a bad job, a certain hairy co-pilot might have some angry words for you when you visit a nearby cantina.

No more Jedi?

On – 16 Apr, 2017 By Chris Taylor

The first trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the eighth episode in the space saga, premiered Friday at the Star Wars Celebration fan convention in Orlando before it was shared online.

The trailer focuses on Rey’s Jedi training under the tutelage of Luke Skywalker. “Breathe. Just, breathe. Now reach out. What do you see?” Skywalker says in voiceover while Rey navigates the Force. “Light. Darkness. A balance,” she responds. “It’s so much bigger,” Skywalker responds.

There’s also footage of space battles (including the Millenium Falcon in flight), glimpses at characters like Finn and Kylo Ren and a crushed Darth Vader mask.

The trailer concludes with the line, “I only know one truth: It’s time for the Jedi to end.”

The panel also unveiled the first poster for The Last Jedi:

Honoring a princess

Star Wars Celebration Orlando kicked off its 2017 edition with a highly-anticipated panel, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Star Wars saga.

There were many big appearances from actors and creators from the franchise’s past and present – but of course, one person who couldn’t be there was the late Carrie Fisher, who passed away in the last days of 2016.

As always, the Stars Wars team and their community honored the franchise’s great and beautiful princess, with a moving tribute video you can watch above.

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy, franchise creator George Lucas, and Fisher’s daughter, Scream Queens star Billie Lourd, all took to the stage to deliver moving and emotional speeches, remembering the late, great, actress/filmmaker.

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