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Meet the MentorLoft Advisory Board

about us

Welcome to MentorLoft. The folks in the picture are the Advisory Board. They are also our family.

We created this site because our three Millennials (one through marriage) urged us to do so. They said they have so much they need to learn to move up the career ladder. As Miss A said, “We need to learn so much more to grow professionally.”

Jay and I remember what we went through when we were your age, starting out on our careers. It wasn’t always pretty, and it was seldom easy. That’s why we want to help you.

Our son recently got the award for Employee of the Year in his company. He called and said, “Thanks, Mom. I owe it all to you and all you taught me.” Wow! If only I’d had the audio recording turned on. Damn.

Among other things, the Advisory Board has talked about how to

  • Do what you’re good at and not waste time pursuing something that will make you miserable
  • Deal with different personalities because we’re not all alike and you’re not going to get along with everybody
  • Deal with conflict and handle it better when it occurs
  • Manage your manager
  • Solve problems and make smart decisions
  • Manage yourself and express yourself without looking like a fool
  • Understand the business of your business, and how and why your company operates
  • Change your focus from “me” to the company
  • Build and nurture relationships
  • Know what questions to ask when and of whom
  • Network—even extraverts don’t always love it
  • Be a first-time supervisor
  • Become a leader

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We’d love for you to send us your questions and dilemmas, so we can help out. You can do that on our Contact Us page. Just Ask Abby, one of our dogs. She’ll get our attention.

Also, join us on Facebook, where we’ll share lots of content from other sources that will help you grow professionally.

And for the record: We think Millennials are great. You are individuals with talents and skills, looking for your purpose and a way to contribute in life. We’re here to help you do that. Read about what Millennials say in this Pew Center Research report. 

Have a peachy keen day.

Pam Scott

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Here are nonprofits that we support with our time and money.

Azalea Village Ministry

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