Is Lack of Mentoring Costing You Money?

Is weak leadership eating into your profits?

As a busy business owner or CEO, you don’t have time to personally mentor all your up-and-coming managers. Some people are born knowing how to be a manager. For the rest, they need to learn and be mentored. You would mentor them if you could, but you just can’t. Your job requires you to function at a much higher level.

The outcome of not mentoring new managers is high turnover—among the new managers or their staff–and low morale. Don’t let lack of time shape the future of your company.

Outsource your mentoring needs to us.mentor

The good news is this, courtesy of the Corporate Leadership Council: Mentoring an ineffective manager to become an effective people manager can result in

  • Improving employee performance 25%
  • Improving employee engagement 25%
  • Improving employee retention 40%

MentorLoft can help you turn your managers into effective leaders who can help you move your company forward. For years, our founder Pam Scott coached executives like you on communication, managing people, and more. MentorLoft is using the same approach to mentor young professionals so they can be the future of their companies.

Your managers can excel at

  • managing themselves and others
  • juggling demands, decisions, and deadlines
  • being proactive instead of reactive
  • building internal and external relationships
  • mastering time and priority management
  • developing and leading a team

If nurturing your new managers sounds like a wise investment, give us a call at 404-248-9475. We’ll happily listen to your challenges and offer some advice.

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