View From the Corner Office

Rick Heckel and Mark Shearon, receiving a national communication award from their coach Pam Scott; apparently no one could smile
Rick Heckel, CEO,  and Mark Shearon, regional manager, receiving a national communication award from their coach Pam Scott; apparently only Rick could manage a small smile that day.

As a CEO coach, I’ve spent thousands of hours coaching CEOs–from a 2-man firm to a $50 million company with multiple offices in nine states. I spent 15 years as a member of Vistage, an international organization of 16,000 CEOs. I’ve been a CEO myself for 19 years.

I know the challenges faced by the man or woman in the corner office.

Now, with MentorLoft, I am taking what I learned from all those CEOs and using it to coach young professionals who want to build their careers.

When I was growing up, I occasionally 🙂 heard my dad complain about his boss, whoever it was at the time. I remember Dad saying, “We all put our pants on the same way, one leg at a time.” My dad rose to the executive ranks in his company. As far as I know, he still puts his pants on the same way, one leg at a time.

I share that with you because almost every CEO was where you are at this point in your career. They didn’t know what they needed to know to move up in their organization. That’s why MentorLoft is here.

To show you what I mean, I compiled a list of the hundreds of coaching objectives that my CEO clients have had. These five encapsulate the bulk of what the CEOs worked on.

Do these sound like issues you struggle with now or expect to in the near future?

Communicate more effectively and persuasively with others based on understanding of different communication styles.

Deal with difficult people, confrontation, and conflict more effectively.

Manage time and priorities, resulting in more effective decisions, mitigating analysis paralysis.

Coach direct reports to improve their performance and effectiveness in working with others.

Build relationships with clients and potential clients to ensure a full pipeline.

I promise to continue to talk with CEOs about the challenges they see in their companies. I’ll share that info with you here in the Corner Office. I believe it’s important that you have some insights into what’s going on at the executive levels in your company.

I’ll also gather CEOs’ ideas about what they would like their young professionals to work on. Then, you and I will explore those suggestions here.

Stop by often. My door is always open.

Pam Scott