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Welcome to MentorLoft

MentorLoft is a safe space offering expert advice and training to YoPros who want to grow professionally but may not know where to start, find, and follow the best professional path for them.

We are well versed in helping young professionals:

  • Find the right career fit for their individual interests and skills
  • Arm themselves with the skills and language to have difficult conversations with managers and peers
  • Build confidence in their own abilities
  • Learn professional skills like business writing,  networking, managing oneself and others, and more

This isn’t life coaching. This is professional coaching for people who want to be serious professionals.

MentorLoft offers a variety of services from free online resources to one-on-one coaching sessions to help YoPros build the best path to their futures.

MentorLoft is here for everyone - from those looking for their first jobs to those who have been working for 10 or more years.

We pull from our own professional experience as well as decades spent coaching executives to bring you the most realistic, honest input about your best future and how to get to there.

If you are interested in kickstarting your career or giving it the extra something that has been missing, contact us to see what MentorLoft recommends for you.

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