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Allison Scott, Chris Scott, Ted Armstrong, Pam and Jay Scott, Jessica Scott


MentorLoft was created in 2015 when Pam Scott recognized an inevitable truth. With the Boomers retiring en masse, the future of businesses lay in the hands of untrained and underprepared young professionals.

Traditionally, the job of training and mentoring young employees lay with businesses. These days, however, most managers are too busy to do the training they know they need to do.

Pam saw the need for young professionals to take charge of their own careers so she developed MentorLoft. It’s a safe and honest space offering expert advice and training to YoPros who want to grow professionally but don’t know where to start.

Pam’s own career path has been a wild one but always with a mix of her passions and her skills. Her first career was as a newspaper editor, mostly in news at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. While at the AJC, she spent three years as an editor in the sports department, working with 42 men. Two of those years, the Associated Press named the AJC the Best Sports Section in the country.

Following her time working in the press during the heyday of the ’70s and ’80s, Pam shifted to writing and editing for the more staid General Accounting Office (now the Government Accountability Office). GAO, known as the congressional watchdog, investigates for fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement of government funds. Pam worked on a wide range of projects, including missile programs, veterans’ issues, and turning high-level nuclear waste into glass rods for underground storage.

All that while raising two kids and earning her Master’s in Education and Human Development from The George Washington University–online.

Then her entrepreneurial drive kicked in. Pam recognized she could combine her passion for helping people with her top-notch communications skills to be a kick-ass executive coach. She became known for asking lots of penetrating questions then giving clients an honest opinion, whether they wanted it or not. She is 100% invested in the growth and success of her clients.

After almost 20 years of coaching CEOs and execs of multimillion-dollar companies, in 2015 she recognized that there would be no execs or leaders to coach if someone didn’t start focusing on the next generation.

Thus, MentorLoft was born.

Pam now runs MentorLoft with the idea of empowering the next generation of leaders. She brings the knowledge of CEOs, the expertise of a communications master, and the real, raw, authentic feedback of a personal advocate.

MentorLoft is here to help with all of the questions and challenges – big and small – that young professionals may have. Topics include:

  • Dealing with different personalities because we’re not alike and you’re not going to get along with everybody
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Managing your manager
  • Solving problems and making smart decisions
  • Managing yourself and expressing yourself without looking like a fool
  • Understanding the business of your business, and how and why your company operates
  • Changing your focus from “me” to the company
  • Building and nurturing relationships
  • Knowing what questions to ask when and of whom
  • Networking—even extraverts don’t always love it
  • Being a first-time supervisor
  • Becoming a leader

If you are a young professional wanting to grow professionally, you have come to the right place.

©Pamela A. Scott, 2015